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Interactive Mapping Installation of Rice Fields

After Floating Flower Garden, here’s “Harmony”, the new digital and interactive of Japanese studio teamLab for the Japan Pavilion Expo Milano 2015. They have reproduced a space where rice fields are projected in mapping on flat white platforms that are high on our knees. The projections move according to the movement and walk of the visitor.


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Lifeguard Chairs in South Beach Miami

New-york based photographer Richard Silver takes us on South Beach Miami to discover the unusual lifeguards chairs. In front of the blue ocean, feet in the sand, he reveals us a minimalist series of these colorful structures. Find out more in the gallery.


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Car Graveyards Photography

German photographer Dieter Klein roams the world to find old abandoned cars buried by foliages and fields. These green graveyards of cars are for the artist an important source of inspiration that we can discover through impressive photographs.

Car Graveyards Photography-20
Car Graveyards Photography-19
Car Graveyards Photography-18
Car Graveyards Photography-17
Car Graveyards Photography-16
Car Graveyards Photography-15
Car Graveyards Photography-14
Car Graveyards Photography-13
Car Graveyards Photography-12
Car Graveyards Photography-11
Car Graveyards Photography-10
Car Graveyards Photography-9
Car Graveyards Photography-8
Car Graveyards Photography-7
Car Graveyards Photography-5
Car Graveyards Photography-4
Car Graveyards Photography-3
Car Graveyards Photography-2
Car Graveyards Photography-1B
Car Graveyards Photography-1

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A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia

Video maker Paul Wex traveled across South Asia with his Canon 5D Mark III. Back after his journey across the Philippines, Cebu and Bohol Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore, he offers us a awesome clip, named “Interrupt”, all made with slowmotion, where music leads the image. However the action takes place on a paradisiac island or at the corner of a lively street, the slowmotion softness and lightness, with the soundtrack and the origninal sounds of the footages make this video delightful.

A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia10
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia9
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia8
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia7
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia6
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia5
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia4
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia3
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia2
A Slowmotion Travel Through South Asia1

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Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography

Eric Ceccarini is a Belgian photographer who used to collaborate with big brands such as L’Oréal, Levi’s or Coca-Cola. For this artistic project he called Emnios, the photographer has staged naked women that seem to pose behind a white veil or inside a puff of smoke, highlighting in this way the silhouettes shadows with poetry.

Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-10
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-9
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-8
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-7
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-6
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-5
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-4
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-3
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-2
Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography-1

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People Series by François Ollivier

Quebec photographer François Ollivier is passionated by series entirely dedicated to unknown people that he photographs in the middle of urban spaces. He takes advantages at nightfall, when artificial lights give to his shots a particular atmosphere or get inspired by architectural colors and forms during trips, in Cuba, particularly.

People Series by François Ollivier-17
People Series by François Ollivier-16
People Series by François Ollivier-15
People Series by François Ollivier-14
People Series by François Ollivier-13
People Series by François Ollivier-12
People Series by François Ollivier-11
People Series by François Ollivier-10
People Series by François Ollivier-9
People Series by François Ollivier-8
People Series by François Ollivier-7
People Series by François Ollivier-6
People Series by François Ollivier-5
People Series by François Ollivier-4
People Series by François Ollivier-2
People Series by François Ollivier-1
People Series by François Ollivier-0

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